Our Achievements

Serving people with mental illness and epilepsy in the developing world

Service. BasicNeeds has reached more than half a million people, including 108,825 people with mental illness or epilepsy, their caregivers and family member. In 2012, 79% of the 42,682 people treated have the capacity to work productively or continue their education, and 62% now earn incomes. Thirty-five percent of recovering individuals are currently members of local self help groups — the foundation for advocacy that sustains and expands our impact.

Advocacy. BasicNeeds’ country programs are broadening their impact by intensifying national advocacy. In all the countries in which we work, we are expanding our influence through evidence-based practice, empowered user groups, strategic alliances, engagement with influential government officials, and participation in national mental health policy initiatives. These efforts are changing mental health practice and policy in countries that desperately need such reform.

Research. Our research on the treatment of mental disorders in the context of poverty has earned us a “seat at the table” of international mental health. BasicNeeds is a founding member in the WHO sponsored Global Forum for Community Mental Health, and we led advocacy for the Lancet Movement for Global Mental Health. As the issue of mental illness in the developing world comes into sharper focus, BasicNeeds is poised at the forefront with a proven model.

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