BasicNeeds Participates in #SEChallenge to Raise Funds for Children in Sri Lanka

As recipients of the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, BasicNeeds is taking part in the Skoll Social Entrepreneurship Challenge. The challenge is designed for Skoll awardees to fundraise for their most pressing projects. BasicNeeds’ focus for the challenge is on children living in the Batticaloa region of Sri Lanka. Many of the children face family breakdown, alcohol and drug misuse, domestic violence and abandonment stemming from devastating, long-term effects of the long civil war and the 2004 tsunami.

BasicNeeds and our partners in Sri Lanka have established Children’s Clubs to provide children with ways of coping with these issues. The Clubs help them to manage mental distress and perform well in school. Participation improves their lives by providing a space where they can relax, play, make friends and learn new skills. The project, also works with teachers, parents and government education officials, equipping them to recognize and deal with mental health problems in a child-friendly way at school and at home. Read more.

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